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In exclusive partnership with ADS, SR8 are now delivering security operations and services within West Africa.

SR8 Security is an established company with a reputation for offering high end security solutions and other support mechanisms to businesses and individual clients. We are registered and insured to operate with a core focus on looking after the customers needs on every level.

The wealth of operational experience held within our management team ensures that the highest standards are achieved in a constantly evolving threatening landscape, our staff and security operations must continuously adapt to meet changing economic, criminal and security challenges.

“SR8 aim to deliver consistently high quality
security services and consultancy,
constantly aiming to be the best service provider
it can be in its field.”

Key Strengths

Our key strengths are our ability to identify and deliver the right mix of services of any related task, together with our steadfast commitment to high quality delivery and value for money.

With a bank of experts at our disposal, we are able to provide a combination of experience from all corners of the security and medical world to deliver services to the very highest standards that our clients desire and we ourselves demand.

The core of staff originate from personnel with a mixture of Government, Military, Corporate and Private security backgrounds providing a wide and varied spectrum to deliver cutting edge solutions for all your land, oil and gas and maritime-based operations.

Our People

The wealth of operational experience held within our management and consultancy teams ensures that the highest standards are achieved, and client’s needs addressed. We deliver bespoke security solutions tailored to each client, that meets both specific and ambient threats in complex environments on both onshore and offshore areas.

SR8 understands the complex world within which businesses have to operate. As companies grow, opportunities often require expansion into hostile environments. With highly experienced key personnel from various operational backgrounds, we consider the specific needs of our clients, from individual protection right through to high end operations with complex solutions, maintaining a robust and flexible reputation; whilst ensuring the work load is managed to meet our client’s operational needs and whilst doing so we protect the security of their company, staff and assets in a professional and discreet manner.

We have adopted a robust and stringent recruitment process where we are culturally diverse and highly aware of the ever changing cultural and political landscapes. We continuously review and update our operating practices to keep abreast of new and current regulations and recognised best practices for all training, operations and recruitment. Together with our SR8 medical arm we provide in house support to all our security personnel which allows us to update, train and equip our security teams for all operations with in all the latest medical and trauma procedures.

We apply the highest legal, ethical and moral standards to all projects, whilst ensuring complete transparency on all our operational platforms by being fair and open on all occasions whilst protecting and maintaining the image and integrity of all our clients.

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