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Sr8 Group Medical Wipes

Sr8 Group Medical Wipes

sr8 group Medical wipes

In addition to this, we also stock sterile wipes that are a requirement of any BS8599 first aid kit.

Alcohol free wound wipes are an essential part of every first aid kit. It is vital that wounds are cleaned prior to dressing in order to prevent infection of the wound. 

medical wipes

  • Manikin_Wipes

    Manikin Wipes

  • Skin Cleansing_Wipes

    Skin Cleansing Wipes

  • HardSurface_Wipes

    Hard Surface Disinfection Wipes

  • BlueWoundCleansingWipes

    Blue Sterile Wound Cleansing Wipes

  • Alcohol Free Cleansing Wipes Box of 100

    Alcohol Free Cleansing Wipes Box of 100


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