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SR8 Group Hot/Cold Treatments

SR8 Group Hot/Cold Treatments


A treatment you can use at home or while you are travelling.

To be used to reduce swelling and improve healing of damaged tissue. The application of cold causes a reduction of inflammation and a contraction of the blood vessels and tissues. The heat allows expansion of the vessels and tissues.


  • ReliefCover

    Reusable Cover for Hot/Cold Compress and Ice Packs

  • IcePack_Mini

    Instant Ice Pack 100g

  • IcePack_Mini

    Instant Ice Pack 150g

  • FoilBlanket_Child

    Foil Thermal Insulation Blanket Child Size

  • FoilBlanket_Adult_Contents

    Foil Thermal Insulation Blanket Adult Size

  • Relief

    Reusable Hot and Cold Compress

  • HotCold_sleeveA

    Sleeve for Hot / Cold Pack

  • Cellular

    Cellular Blanket

  • FoilBlanket_Adult

    Foil Blanket Survival Kit


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