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SR8 Group is a specialist provider of medical, security and training services. It was founded in response to a gap in the market to help organisations meet those complex challenges, by providing bespoke solutions for individuals and businesses.

We provide increased awareness amongst employers and employees for comprehensive support in the workplace delivering an end to end solution.

Medical, Security and Training Specialists


At SR8 Group, we specialise in First Aid, Trauma Medicine and Security Awareness courses.

Medical Supplies

SR8 provide and deliver high end products to meet all your business and company requirements


SR8 have highly trained and qualified personnel to protect businesses, people and assets.

SR8 Group supplies the medical industry and health professionals with essential first aid and occupational health products and supplies. Over time the company dramatically extended its product portfolio to cater for all areas of the medical, training and security industry specialising in trauma products and treatments as well as providing high end security and medical packages to accommodate all our clients business needs. The company continues to work hard in implementing its ethos of making the welfare and service to our clients our number one priority. We are very proud to meet the high standards expected of us from our customers.

Our People

The wealth of operational experience held within our management ensures that the highest standards are achieved, and clients’ needs addressed. We deliver bespoke security solutions tailored to each client, that meets both specific and ambient threats in complex environments.
SR8 understands the complex world within which businesses have to operate.

As companies grow, opportunities often require expansion into hostile environments. With key personnel from diplomatic and military backgrounds, we consider the specific needs of our clients, from asset protection right through to reputation; whilst ensuring an environment is maintained within which our clients’ operational needs can be achieved.

We have adopted a robust and stringent recruitment process where we are culturally diverse and highly aware of the ever changing cultural and political landscapes. We continuously review and update our operating practices to keep abreast of new and current regulations and recognised best practices for all training, operations and recruitment.

We apply the highest legal, ethical and moral standards to our operations, whilst ensuring complete transparency on all our operational platforms by being fair and open on all occasions.

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