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SR8 Group Eye Care

SR8 Group Eye Care

sr8 group – Eye care

Injuries to the eye, if left untreated can result in diminished vision or even blindness, both of which can affect not only one’s ability to make a living, but also one’s overall quality of life. 

Eye care kits are specialized first aid kits designed for quick treatment of eye injuries.

Eye care 
  • Eyebath

    Plastic Eye Bath

  • Eyewash

    Eyewash 250ml Bottle

  • EyeCare_Refill

    Eyewash 500ml Bottle

  • Eyewash_Bottle

    Sterile Eyewash Solution

  • EyewashStation

    Eye Wash Station

  • Eyewash Station

  • EyewashStation

    Eyewash Station


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