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Meet the Team - Natalie... - SR8 Group - Trusted Expertise

Meet the Team – Natalie…

Meet the Team – Natalie…
Today we finally managed to pin down Natalie, one of our Director’s and Partner’s for an interview.
It’s been a challenge to get time with her, we have been so busy at SR8 Group Ltd recently!
What did you want to do when you were at school?
First dream was to become a Sports Psychologist. A keen sportswomen in many fields but the strongest in the Netball world. Played for Lancashire as a youngster and continued this into my career playing for and being awarded the captain role for the Royal Navy.

When did your career really begin?
Joined the Royal Navy as a Medic at 17 years old and served all around the world on-board ships, working on UK land base medical centres and within the Royal Marines as a support medic
Tell us about a challenging time in your service career?
Deployed on operational duties in Iraq, I was one of the first women to serve in such a position so far forward on the front line with the Royal Marines. My Career involved working at Air Stations, hospitals, medical centres.
Wow, so what did you do next ?
On leaving the Royal Navy I joined an equally disciplined professional the fire service as a operational firefighter. Enjoyed this career beyond words and will always respect the fire service throughout but family times needed me.
So what does life look like now?
Now I have taken the opportunity for me to go from Military woman to mother and now to Business woman.
I have two amazing children aged 11 and 8, a fabulous husband and would not change a single thing. I am so incredibly proud to have served our country and our nation.
Now it’s time to take all the operational knowledge and medical expertise, helping businesses around the UK to ensure they are safe, secure and well trained at work, school, community place or in government.
From the experience gained I embarked on a medical related business venture with a partner who has the same ethos, dreams and drive to make mine and my family’s, next chapter in life a success.
Natalie can be contacted at
T: 01772280051
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